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The Downtown Poteau Revitalization Project

Research shows that a healthy and vibrant downtown boosts the economic health and the quality of life in a community. 

Poteau Main Street Matters is embarking on a new project that will have a dramatic impact on Downtown Poteau.  Are you willing to help?


  • Increase the visual appeal of Downtown by creating "green" spaces, removing clutter, and updating fixtures

  • Preserve and promote the history of Downtown Poteau

  • Encourage people to get involved and to make a difference downtown

6 Points to Progress

As part of the revitalization process, we have six major points that we are focusing on.
1.)  Adopt-A-Brick program:  This program was set up in order to help improve our sidewalks.  Through the Adopt-A-Brick program, businesses and individuals can purchase engraved bricks to help raise funds for the program.  The bricks are $100 and feature three engraved lines.  These will be placed in a row between the curb and the sidewalk.

Once completed, the sidewalks should look something like the photo to the right.  There will be two brick rows. 

This process will come in three phases.  The first phase will be cutting out the corners in order to make them ADA compliant.  The second phase will involve removing the existing curbs and reinstalling them with the brickwork.  The third phase will involve overlaying the existing sidewalk with a product manufactured by ARDEX, which has been specifically designed for older sidewalks.
2.) Town Square Revitalization:  We have been working on getting Poteau's Town Square updated.  Again, this is a three phase process.  The first phase is to replace the asphalt with sod.  The second phase will be to add a new facade to the front of the park.  The third phase will be to add all of the landscaping features.  Currently, we are completing the groundwork.  We have taken soil samples, gotten sod and rock donated, and are in the process of locating someone who can put in the moisture barrier once we remove the asphalt. 

3.) Update light fixtures:  This is a simple process, but has required a lot of planning.  We've already completed a lot of the process, such as getting the new banners, refurbishing the plant hooks, and getting new flowering plants.  The next part of the process is to paint the poles black.  Once done, this will really help with the overall appearance of downtown Poteau.

4.) Ghost Signs: As we raise money, we hope to be able to repaint a lot of the old ghost signs located throughout the downtown area.  In addition, we hope to be able to paint a large mural in the Town Square of the Victory Theater area.  Although this isn't one of the high-priority tasks, it would have a dramatic improvement in the appearance of downtown Poteau.

5.) Clean-up: This is a continuing process.  The idea with the clean up process is to begin behind Dewey Plaza and do a detailed cleaning of the area.  This involves removing vines, killing weeds, picking up trash, so on and so forth. 

6.) Economic Development: We have a large-scale plan that was designed to help the overall economic development of downtown Poteau.  This involves getting the vacent buildings filled, communicating with the businesses in order to help them meet their needs,  and providing business and marketing advice. In addition, we're setting up new communication tools, such as a new downtown directory, a new website just for the downtown businesses, and historical studies of each building.

Get Involved!

If you would like to volunteer to help in the Downtown Poteau Revitalization Project, please fill out the form below.  You can also click on the "DONATE" link to the left if you would like to donate money to help support this cause.  Together, we can achieve great things!  Thank you for your interest in helping revitalize the historic downtown Poteau area.
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A Special Thank You to those who have helped out:

This project would not have been possible without the help of many individuals.  While we can't include every name here, we would like to show our appreciation for those outstanding individuals who have tirelessly devoted both their time and resources to help make this project a success.  

Poteau Main Street Matters would like to thank the following people for their effort in making this a success:

"Oklahoma Traveler", for designing the overal revitalization project.

Karla Holt from Jacks Jewlers for her devotion to downtown Poteau, and for going out of her way to do whatever needs done.

Lisa Fabian of the Nashoba Youth Foundation for always being there and for working so hard to revitalize downtown Poteau.

Diane Wright from the LeFlore County Museum at the Hotel Lowrey for volunteering both her time and her expertice to make this project a success.

Truman Adams, volunteer of the year, for coming in to Poteau Main Street's office every day and working hard to help us achieve our goals downtown.