Poteau Main Street Matters

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Downtown Poteau Buildings For Rent or Sale

Why rent downtown?

To sum it up in one word: Exposure.

In days gone by, downtown areas were the heart of the city.  They consisted of grocery stores, hardware stores, furniture stores - this is where people went to get what they need.  

That's not the case anymore.  Today, the downtown area is similar to that of an outdoor mall; a very large outdoor mall.  Instead of the everyday, the downtown area is a unique blend of specialty shops. 

As part of the revitalization process, we are pushing towards more diversified downtown businesses.  The downtown area is a destination point, and our focus is in helping each business reach their maximum potential.

Downtown Poteau
Building Facts

  • More than 2,000 vehicles travel down Dewey Avenue per day.  More than half of those people are visiting the downtown area.

  • The average rental cost of buildings downtown runs around $5 per square foot, which is quite a bit lower than rental rates on Broadway or in other nearby towns.

  • The average age of buildings built in Downtown Poteau is 1923.  Many have truely unique stories behind them that could provide strong marketing material.

  • As we continue to improve the Downtown Poteau area, building valuations will continue to rise, especially through our Shop Downtown Poteau and Poteau Revitalization Project incentives.

Downtown Poteau Buildings for Rent

Noble Bird Building Corner Unit

200 Dewey Avenue

This is the second oldest building in Downtown Poteau and one of the most visible coming into town.  Located on the corner of McKenna and Dewey, this unit has historically been one of the first stops for visitors to the downtown area. 

The unit on the right is currently available and features a very large window area for retail establishments.  The old stucco and rock wall provide a beautiful focal point inside of the building.  There is also ample storage in the back room.

Owned By Randy Bridgman
$600.00 A Month

Great setup for Cafe!

308 Dewey Avenue

This unit is the former home of Melissa's Cakes and Deli and offers ample space for a retro cafe.  Prior to that, it was the home of one of Poteau's finest flower shops.  Built in the late 1910's, this unit has been fully modernized and features an ADA compliant entrance. 

This unit has just recently became available and we don't expect it to be on the market for very long!

Contact Connie Wise Real Estate
(918) 647-4257

Located beside Poteau's Town Square

222 Dewey

This unit would make for a perfect Ice Cream shop or gift shop.  Located next to Poteau's Town Square and across the street from The Purple Plume, this building receives a lot of pedistrian traffic.

Mostly redone inside, this unit is move-in ready.

Owned by Randy Bridgman
800 Square Feet (20 x 40)
$500.00 per month
222 1/2

Large unit with many features!

304 Dewey

This is one of those units that goes on and on. The main showroom needs some paint and new floors, but there's a lot of "old-time" value here.  The original ceilings, shown below, are still in very good condition.  If painted, the brick and stucco walls could be made to really pop!

Behild the showroom, there are several different rooms.  There is a kitchen, a storage area with cabinets, and another large room off to the right.  Behind that is a garage with a back door.  At one time, a second floor had been added above the garage, which would provide excellent storage space.

Owned by Randy Bridgman
2,500 Sq Ft (25x100)
$700.00 per month
104 N. Witte #1H

Located on the lower floor of the LeFlore County Museum at Hotel Lowrey, this unit has been completely remodeled and is move-in ready.

Contact Lorie Rutledge at the museum for more information.

Downtown Poteau Buildings For Sale

This unit has undergone heavy renovation.  The current owners have invested a lot into fully upgrading the building, including electrical, plumbing, new drywall and new paint.  The inside is now fully modern while at the same time keeping the historical aspects of this 1920's building.

Building for Sale; Former restaurant and retail space

This building began back in the 1910's as a gas station and automobile dealership.  In the 1950's, it was converted into retail spaces.  Several years ago, the entire right side of the building was fully modernized in order to house one of the largest restaurants in the area.  There is also a large unit on the left side of the building that has been used for retail.

This building includes all of the available units.  It can be sub-divided in to four large spaces with some modifications.  The building needs cosmetic work on the inside, however, the roof, electrical, and plumbing are all modern.  There is full parking lot to the left of the building, as well as ample parking along both streets and in the back.

Managed by Alliance Realty Services.  (918) 649-3520.  Asking price is around $100,000.
113 A South Witte

This is the end unit located next door to the former Mexican restaurant.  Built in 1927, this unit has 2,400 square feet.  The list price on this unit is $49,900.  Managed by Alliance Realty Services(918) 649-3520.